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MedBrick is proudly a Canadian-based company located in the province of Quebec. Our firm was founded in 2010 by a team of service-oriented healthcare specialists. We offer our services to:

  • Organizations doing business in international markets;

  • Individuals looking for medical or specialized care abroad.

Our workforce combines expertise and dedication in the services we offer. With many years of experience in the Healthcare and Travel insurance industries, we are continuously focused in exceeding customer service standards.   

Healthcare abroad

MedBrick can help you find the medical care you are looking for. Through us, you will have access to affordable rates from the most renowned hospitals, specialized clinics and medical practitioners in the

Why wait for months (or even years) to receive the medical care you deserve? MedBrick will find you tailor made, high quality and affordable care packages in over twenty countries close to your home. We have partnered with numerous hospitals and specialized clinics which are ready to provide you the care you need.

Here are two important facts:

  • Several medical facilities in countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba and Panama can now offer state-of-the-art care at a very affordable price.

  • In most cases, these clinics and hospitals will provide you and your family with multilingual, concierge-like services.

Our tailor-made care packages could save you up to 70%* on the price you would normally pay in North America**.

*Savings may depend on the chosen country and/or facility.
**Canada & United States, excluding Mexico

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