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Managing international healthcare services is what we do best!


Whether you are a company interested in our services or a person looking for healthcare abroad, navigate through our website or contact us to find out how we can help.



MedBrick offers professional healthcare management services to organizations and individuals. Our company is specialized in medical cost containment in Latin America and the Caribbean. However, our network of healthcare providers also includes services in Canada, the United States and other parts of the world. This network is offered to anyone interested in having access to reliable and affordable specialized healthcare.  ​

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We are open 24/7

with multilingual assistance!

With many years of experience in the insurance industry servicing travelers,  expats, students, workers, etc., we continuously exceed customer service standards.

Medical Tourism

We can help you find the medical care you are looking for abroad. Through us, you will have access to affordable rates from the most renowned hospitals and medical practitioners in the industry.

Cost Containment


We are committed to getting you real savings on your medical claims and strategize with you according to your business. We have access to preferred, customary rates in several countries.

Provider Network


We are regularly visiting facilities around the world and strengthening our network of healthcare  providers for our clients.

Our staff has over


Years of combined


MedBrick has been servicing our clients

since 2010

We will watch your business so you can get the savings that you deserve !

With access to preferred, customary rates in several countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada, U.S.A., etc., MedBrick is committed to getting you real savings on your medical claims. In addition, MedBrick will negotiate your claims with any providers that may not be part of our network.


You deserve to pay a fair and reasonable price for your claims!



Preferred rates across the globe

Professional and personalized service

Real Savings

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